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    The most natural and effective health method from Japan Exclusive hydrolyzed hydrogen, health through breathing.

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    We adhere to our original principles, continuously striving for excellence in our products and services, and are committed to creating a reliable and high-quality health brand for Taiwanese consumers. We firmly pursue good endeavors to make this world a better place!
  • 獨家水解技術

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    日紅生活水素使用領先全球的「水解氫」技術,以美國杜邦公司開發的高密度質子交換膜為核心(PEM+MEA),搭配膜電極組,能高效率地將純水電解,產生高純度的氫氣,經國際知名檢測機構 SGS 認證,氫氣純度達美國 FDA 99.995% 的要求。

    Nichiben Life Hydrogen employs the world's leading "hydrolyzed hydrogen" technology, utilizing the high-density proton exchange membrane developed by DuPont (PEM+MEA) along with a membrane electrode assembly. This system efficiently electrolyzes pure water to produce high-purity hydrogen gas. Certified by the internationally renowned testing organization SGS, the hydrogen purity meets the stringent 99.995% requirement of the U.S. FDA.

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    Hydrolyzed hydrogen is non-toxic and highly pure, making it very safe for human use. However, it should not be mixed with oxygen in an enclosed space. Using DuPont's proton exchange membrane technology, our machine ensures that hydrogen and oxygen are completely separated in its internal enclosed space, providing peace of mind during use.





    The machine's independent hydrogen and oxygen outlets allow for flexible use in non-enclosed spaces, giving users the choice to inhale only hydrogen or a combination of hydrogen and oxygen, which is the optimal approach!

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    輕巧機身 氫鬆帶著走


    Portable hydrogen generator, weighing less than 1 kilogram and about the size of a water bottle, allowing you to easily fit it into your bag and carry it with you. Whether traveling abroad, on a business trip, or at the office, you can use it in various settings, effortlessly bringing high-purity hydrogen wherever you go!

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    Easily connect the portable hydrogen generator to the dedicated hydrogen drink cup. Using the exclusive high-speed spiral stirring, it fully mixes hydrogen with water. In just 120 seconds, you can produce a variety of high-concentration hydrogen beverages (with a hydrogen concentration of over 1,400 ppb), including hydrogen water, hydrogen tea, hydrogen coffee, hydrogen juice, and even hydrogen-infused alcohol.