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    The "Travel with the Movies" event was held in a cinema, highlighting the perfect combination of cinema and fashion! The venue gathered numerous participants, who together witnessed the grand launch of this event filled with fashion and cultural integration. Thanks to everyone's joint efforts, the event was a complete success!

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    This event featured international fashion visual artist Teacher Gao Feng, also known as Jefi Kao, as one of the core members of the creative team.





    Teacher Gao Feng, also known as Jefi Kao, with his unique fashion perspective and extensive experience in visual arts, will lead the audience into the world of "Hunan TV - Fashion Television Variety" and "Chinese Culture on World Stamps." This will allow everyone to experience an immersive journey at the intersection of art, fashion, and culture, deeply engaging with these dynamic fields.

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    The event attracted a large number of audience members and media representatives, all coming together to witness this unique occasion. The atmosphere at the event was vibrant, with people eagerly awaiting the start of this fashion and culture extravaganza.

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    The success of this event signifies Hunan TV's continuous pursuit of innovation and multiculturalism, showcasing the endless possibilities brought about by the fusion of cinema and fashion. The launch of Hunan TV's "Follow the Movie and Travel" event heralds an unprecedented cultural and artistic feast. Let us all look forward to, witness, and share in this celebration of fashion and culture!

  • 湖南電視台一直致力於創新節目內容,通過《跟著電影去旅行》,我們希望能夠激發更多人對電影的熱愛,並鼓勵他們追求夢想。不要錯過這次獨特的旅程,讓我們一起跟著電影去旅行,開啟一段難忘的冒險。


    Hunan Satellite TV has always been committed to innovating program content. Through "Travel with Movies," we hope to inspire more people to love movies and encourage them to pursue their dreams. Don't miss this unique journey. Let's travel with movies together and embark on an unforgettable adventure.





    For those interested in participating in "Travel with the Movies," please follow the latest updates on the official Hunan Satellite TV website. Registration methods and detailed information will be announced on these platforms. Whether you are a movie enthusiast or someone dreaming of becoming a star, this is an opportunity not to be missed.


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