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  • 宋億妮


    出生於 中國.廣東梅州,環球華裔小姐冠軍

    Born in Meizhou, Guangdong, China, Miss Chinese Global pageant

  • 在這個獨具匠心的項目中,我們目睹了國際時尚視覺藝術界的領軍人物:高丰老師,與冠軍選美皇后宋億妮之間的精彩合作。他們攜手打造的「跟著電影去旅行之國風篇」不僅是一次跨界的藝術嘗試,更是一場文化與時尚的完美融合。在這次項目中,宋億妮化身為經典角色淳兒,而高丰老師則擔任時尚導演,用他們獨特的視角重塑了這一角色,帶領我們進入了一個既古典又現代的視覺盛宴。


    In this ingenious project, we witnessed the wonderful collaboration between a leading figure in the international fashion visual art world, Teacher Gao Feng, and the champion beauty queen, Song Yini. Their joint creation for "Travel with the Movie: The Essence of Chinese Style" was not just a cross-disciplinary artistic attempt but also a perfect fusion of culture and fashion. In this project, Song Yini transformed into the classic character Chun'er, while Teacher Gao Feng served as the fashion director. They reshaped this character with their unique perspectives, leading us into a visual feast that is both classical and modern.

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    藝 術 創 新 之 旅

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    The initiative was rooted in a profound discussion and appreciation of Chinese traditional culture. The choice of Chun'er as a character was because she reflects the unique charm of Chinese classical aesthetics and the soft yet resilient nature of women. Teacher Gao Feng and Song Yini explored together how this character could be rejuvenated within the context of contemporary fashion, creating a bridge between the classical and the modern.

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    With his profound artistic foundation and innovative spirit, Teacher Gao Feng meticulously designed every detail, from the selection of fabrics to the combination of colors, all aiming to present a Chun'er that not only fits the character herself but also reflects modern aesthetic perspectives. Song Yini, through her interpretation, perfectly presented Chun'er's inner world and emotional depth. Her performance is both gentle, as seen in classical literary works, and embodies the independence and strength of modern women.





    Under the guidance of Teacher Gao Feng, the visual effects of the entire project reached astonishing heights. Through the clever use of light and composition, Chun'er, portrayed by Song Yini, was placed in an environment filled with poetic beauty, embodying both the solemnity and elegance of classical culture as well as the creativity and novelty of modern design. Each scene seemed like a meticulously conceived painting, pleasing to the eye.

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  • 2024. 國際時尚人物誌 - 第五期


    🔘視覺藝術時尚導演:Jefi Kao


    🔘攝影:Jefi Kao




    🔘服裝搭配:Jefi Kao


    🔘時尚設計:Jefi Kao


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