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    堅 韌 與 美 學 的 碰 撞 

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    Herself embodies the perfect blend of feminine strength and beauty. The fact that a woman serves as a military doctor is highly admirable. Her life seems like a story of resilience and confidence, drawing people's admiration for women's success and elegance in traditionally male-dominated fields.



    她。就是管曉玲。生於 中國 江蘇.南京


    She is Guan Xiaoling, born in Nanjing, Jiangsu, China

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    Her life is full of challenges, yet she always faces them with elegance and courage. Her unparalleled professionalism and graceful demeanor brilliantly showcase her unique charm in both her career and personal life.

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    在這浩瀚無際的宇宙中充滿著無限的可能, 高丰老師累積多年豐富經驗的巧手及審美眼光如同微風沐浴著地中海和煦的陽光,輕輕揮灑指尖為我們帶來更多視覺衝擊的作品,有了 高丰老師,女人都能成為心中最想要的樣子。


    In this vast and boundless universe filled with infinite possibilities, Professor Gao Feng's skilled hands and aesthetic insight, accumulated over many years of rich experience, are like a gentle breeze bathed in the warm sunlight of the Mediterranean. With a delicate touch, he creates visually stunning works that leave a lasting impact. With Professor Gao Feng, every woman can become the embodiment of her most desired self.

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    2024. 國際時尚人物誌 - 第二期


    🔘視覺藝術時尚導演:Jefi Kao


    🔘攝影:Jefi Kao


    🔘化妝造型:Jefi Kao 、靜濤


    🔘服裝搭配:Jefi Kao


    🔘時尚設計:Jefi Kao








    #JEFI SAY :