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    當 醫 生 與 藝 術 家 的 時 尚 邂 逅

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    A woman brimming with passion for life and work, excelling professionally in the medical field, her open-minded outlook on life showcases her love and enjoyment of living.



    她。就是李新華。生於 中國 江西. 贛州


    She is Li Xinhua, born in Ganzhou, Jiangxi, China

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    擁有時尚品味的她,追求美的事物,更注重生活品味,秉持著活到老美到老的原則。她從不將就自己,嚮往與追求心中的美好,由內而外散發著女人歲月的智慧和魅力,言談間無時無刻讓人感受到獨特美感 ; 女人不管歲月如何流逝,仍然永遠把自己放第一位,散發每個階段的光芒。


    With a keen sense of fashion, she pursues beauty and places a high value on the quality of life, adhering to the principle of living beautifully until old age. She never compromises on herself, always aspiring to and pursuing the beauty in her heart, radiating the wisdom and charm of a woman's years from the inside out. Her conversation always conveys a unique sense of beauty; no matter how the years pass, a woman always puts herself first, shining brightly at every stage of life.

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    高丰老師的專業美學造詣與高質感的人生品味,他的靈感無限,好似對待藝術品般充滿情感的打造,這就是美學大師 高丰 老師對美的浪漫與執著。


    Professor Gao Feng's expertise in aesthetics and high-quality taste in life reflect an unlimited well of inspiration. His approach to creating, filled with emotion akin to treating a piece of art, exemplifies the romanticism and dedication that the aesthetic master, Professor Gao Feng, possesses towards beauty.

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    在這浩瀚無際的宇宙中充滿著無限的可能, 高丰老師累積多年豐富經驗的巧手及審美眼光如同微風沐浴著地中海和煦的陽光,輕輕揮灑指尖為我們帶來更多視覺衝擊的作品,有了 高丰 老師,女人都能成為心中最想要的樣子。


    In this vast and boundless universe filled with infinite possibilities, Professor Gao Feng's skilled hands and aesthetic insight, accumulated over many years of rich experience, are like a gentle breeze bathed in the warm sunlight of the Mediterranean. With a delicate touch, he creates visually stunning works that leave a lasting impact. With Professor Gao Feng, every woman can become the embodiment of her most desired self.

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    秉持個人美感兼具時尚優雅品味的 高丰 老師,在一次偶然的聚會下相遇李新華女士,透過與高丰老師的交流學習,李新華女士在美學生活態度上,不僅提升了自己在時尚領域的造詣及體驗,更加堅信追求身心靈品味的重要性,猶如約瑟夫穆勒常說的:每一朵花都有屬於自己的季節。


    Ms. Li Xinhua, with a combination of personal aesthetic sense and a touch of elegant fashion taste, had the pleasure of meeting Professor Gao Feng at a chance gathering. Through exchanges and learning from Professor Gao Feng, Ms. Li Xinhua not only elevated her proficiency and experience in the field of fashion but also strengthened her belief in the significance of pursuing a holistic aesthetic lifestyle. This encounter reinforced her conviction in the importance of cultivating taste in mind, body, and soul, echoing the words of Joseph Muller: "Every flower has its own season."

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    2024. 國際時尚人物誌 - 第一期


    🔘視覺藝術時尚導演:Jefi Kao


    🔘攝影:Jefi Kao


    🔘化妝造型:Jefi Kao 、靜濤


    🔘服裝搭配:Jefi Kao


    🔘時尚設計:Jefi Kao








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