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    丨传承创新 文化榜样:高丰

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    2023年,是中國改革開放45周年。改革開放是決定當代中國命運的關鍵抉擇,不僅深刻改變了中國,也深刻影響了世界。正因為改革開放,中國的經濟、科技、文化等各項事業蓬勃發展,日新月異,在全世界掀起了「中國熱」。在這樣的熱潮下,「聯合國中文日(UN Chinese Language Day)」也應運而生。


    2023 marks the 45th anniversary of China's reform and opening up. This pivotal decision not only profoundly transformed China but also had a profound impact on the world. Thanks to this reform, various sectors such as economy, technology, and culture in China have thrived, leading to rapid developments and sparking a global interest in all things Chinese. In the midst of this enthusiasm, the "UN Chinese Language Day" emerged as a testament to the growing significance of the Chinese language on the international stage.


    中. 國. 藝. 術. 美. 學.

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    鑑於高丰在中國時尚設計藝術上的傑出成就,以及為國際文化交流所作出的卓越貢獻,經中國國際文化藝術交流發展中心、歐洲集郵協會、山水丹青國際藝術中心、藝術財經雜誌等國際權威機構組織推薦,聯合國世界非物質文化遺產保護基金會授予高丰「傳承創新 文化榜樣」榮譽稱號。這不僅是對中國藝術家傑出成就的肯定和讚揚,也是向改革開放45周年崇高的致敬;更是獻給2023「聯合國中文日」最好的文化禮物!


    In recognition of Gao Feng's outstanding achievements in Chinese fashion design art, as well as his remarkable contributions to international cultural exchange, Gao Feng was recommended by prestigious international organizations such as the China International Cultural and Art Exchange Center, the European Philatelic Association, the Shanshui Danqing International Art Center, and Art Finance Magazine. Consequently, the United Nations World Intangible Cultural Heritage Protection Foundation bestowed upon Gao Feng the honorary title of "Exemplar of Heritage and Innovation in Culture." This recognition not only applauds and celebrates the remarkable achievements of Chinese artists but also pays tribute to the lofty ideals of the 45th anniversary of the reform and opening up. It is also presented as the finest cultural gift for the 2023 "UN Chinese Language Day."

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    At that time, the postal services of France, Belgium, Austria, and Germany will publicly issue a set of postage stamps and collector's albums worldwide, themed around "Paying Tribute to the 45th Anniversary of Reform and Opening Up and UN Chinese Language Day," for the international fashion visual artist Gao Feng. Through the postal medium, they will build a bridge for cultural exchange between China and foreign countries.

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    n the vast and tumultuous 45-year process of reform and opening up, international fashion visual artist Gao Feng, like countless Chinese cultural and artistic workers, has been not only a witness but also a participant and builder. They have embodied the pioneering spirit, forging ahead, inheriting innovation, and boldly standing at the forefront of the times. Their indelible contributions have played a pivotal role in the revitalization and development of Chinese culture, infusing new vitality and strength into the millennia-old cultural heritage of China. They are truly exemplary figures of the new era in culture!

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    2023.世界郵票上的中國文化 - 高丰