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  • 李慕雙


    出生於 中國.黑龍江環球旅遊小姐亞太冠軍


    Born in Heilongjiang, China, she was the Asia-Pacific champion of the 2017 Miss Global Tourism final.





    This collaboration was for a project named "Travel with the Movie: The Essence of Chinese Style," in which Li Mushuang took on the role of the protagonist Zhen Huan from the famous TV series "Empresses in the Palace." Teacher Gao Feng, in his capacity as a fashion director, brought this character and the entire story into a new visual realm.

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    后 冠 加 冕 黃 袍 加 身

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    The inspiration behind this collaboration stemmed from the desire to merge Chinese traditional culture with contemporary fashion art. "Empresses in the Palace," as a beloved TV drama, provided a wealth of cultural and story material for this project. Teacher Gao Feng, with his unique visual art style, aimed to reinterpret the role of Zhen Huan from a modern fashion perspective, while Li Mushuang, with her outstanding acting skills and beauty pageant winner's charisma, perfectly portrayed this role.

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    During the creative process, Teacher Gao Feng and Li Mushuang engaged in in-depth communication and exchange to ensure that the portrayal of the character was both faithful to the original work and able to display new fashion elements. From the selection of costumes to the setting of shooting scenes, every detail was meticulously planned and considered with the goal of perfectly blending tradition with modernity, creating a refreshing visual experience.






    Teacher Gao Feng's talent as a fashion director was fully showcased in this collaboration. Using his unique visual language and creativity, he placed the character Zhen Huan in a series of scenes that were both traditional and modern, from the splendor of the palace to the tranquility of natural landscapes, each scene presenting different styles and emotions. This not only recreated the classic scenes from "Empresses in the Palace" but also introduced new creative elements, allowing the audience to re-examine the story from a completely new perspective.

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  • 2024. 國際時尚人物誌 - 第四期


    🔘視覺藝術時尚導演:Jefi Kao


    🔘攝影:Jefi Kao




    🔘服裝搭配:Jefi Kao


    🔘時尚設計:Jefi Kao


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