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    Turn fantasy into reality.





    Hunan Satellite TV, a leading television network in China, in collaboration with internationally renowned fashion guru Gao Feng and his professional team, proudly launches a new program "Travel with Movies." This unique show offers an unparalleled experience, allowing ordinary people to visit movie sets and be transformed by top-tier styling and makeup teams into the protagonists of films, personally experiencing the allure of movie shooting.

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    成 為 自 己 螢 幕 的 最 佳 主 角
    Become the best protagonist of your own screen.




    On set, it's like real life plays out in your own blockbuster, "Travel with Movies" offers not just a visual feast, but also an adventure deep into the world of cinema.

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    Participants will have the chance to step into the actual filming locations, from charming ancient towns to magnificent natural landscapes, each meticulously selected to ensure the most authentic movie experience.na's intangible cultural heritage to the world.




    This innovative program is not only open to movie enthusiasts but also to anyone dreaming of making a mark on the silver screen. "Travel with Movies" serves as a platform for dreamers and a window to display the rich culture and beautiful landscapes of China.

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    Hunan Satellite TV has always been committed to innovating program content. Through "Travel with Movies," we hope to inspire more people to love movies and encourage them to pursue their dreams. Don't miss this unique journey. Let's travel with movies together and embark on an unforgettable adventure.





    Viewers interested in participating in "Travel with Movies" should follow the official Weibo account and website of Hunan Satellite TV for the latest updates. The registration method and detailed information about the program will be announced on these platforms. Whether you are a movie enthusiast or an ordinary person dreaming of becoming a star, this is an opportunity not to be missed.



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