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    當 視 覺 藝 術 遇 上 音 樂 評 論

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    A woman who loves auditory art: Zhou Yuhui, born in Hunan, China.

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    Choosing a theater as the shooting location and source of inspiration is not only because of its long history and cultural value, but also because the theater, as the birthplace of performing arts, is itself a space filled with stories and emotions. Teacher Gao Feng and JOY utilize various elements of the theater—from the grand curtains to the hidden backstage, from the changes in lighting to the arrangement of the audience seats—every detail is cleverly integrated into their work, creating powerful visual narratives.

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    During the creation of these fashion masterpieces, Teacher Gao Feng and JOY drew inspiration from every corner of the theater. From the grand curtains of old theaters to every detail backstage, all became the material for their creativity.



    高丰老師利用他的視覺藝術技巧,將這些元素轉化為一幅幅令人震撼的圖像,而JOY則透過她對音樂的深刻理解,為每一幅作品注入獨特的故事和情感。 再補充一些藝術和音樂領域中的多面性和力量。這些故事不僅捕捉了女性的美麗與堅韌,也展現了她們在創作和表達中的獨特視角。


    Teacher Gao Feng, with his visual art skills, transformed these elements into breathtaking images, while JOY, through her profound understanding of music, infused each piece with unique stories and emotions. This further emphasizes the multifaceted nature and power of art and music. These narratives not only capture the beauty and resilience of women but also highlight their unique perspectives in creation and expression.

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    2024. 國際時尚人物誌 - 第九期


    🔘視覺藝術時尚導演:Jefi Kao
    🔘攝影:Jefi Kao
    🔘化妝造型:Jefi Kao
    🔘服裝搭配:Jefi Kao
    🔘時尚設計:Jefi Kao



    #JEFI SAY : 我們由衷希望,幫助更多的女人們~找尋到一種新的時尚態度和生活方式。