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  • JEFI KAO.藝術天臺聯名酒吧


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    天臺藝術饗宴:高丰老師 x 深圳 X-Party

    在時尚的天際線上,一場嶄新的藝術與生活融合饗宴即將掀起。國際時尚藝術家高丰老師與深圳高級天臺酒吧 X-Party攜手合作,將高丰老師的創作帶入這個高端時尚場所。


    On the fashionable skyline, a groundbreaking fusion of art and life is about to unfold.Internationally renowned fashion artist, Master Gao Feng, joins hands with the upscale rooftop bar in Shenzhen, X-Party, to bring his creations to this high-end fashion destination.

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    As a representative of upscale bars in Shenzhen, X-Party offers not only fine wines and cuisine but also an ultimate taste of lifestyle and indulgence. Here, high-end members can immerse themselves in the breathtaking rooftop views, savor the richness of fine wines, and simultaneously admire the artistry of Master Gao Feng's creations up close. This fusion of art and taste not only enriches the cultural essence of X-Party but also elevates the bar's atmosphere to one of elegance.

  •  當藝術與品味相遇

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    高丰老師,一位享譽國際的時尚藝術家,其作品深受全球時尚界的推崇與喜愛。其風格獨特,融合了東方傳統美學與現代時尚元素,將藝術與時尚完美結合,引領潮流。而深圳 X-Party,則是這座城市中一顆璀璨的明珠,其高級的天臺酒吧設計、極致的服務以及獨特的氛圍吸引了眾多高端人士的青睞,成為他們品味生活、享受時尚的首選場所。
    Master Gao Feng, an internationally acclaimed fashion artist, is deeply revered and beloved in the global fashion industry. His style is unique, blending traditional Eastern aesthetics with modern fashion elements, seamlessly integrating art and fashion to lead trends. As for X-Party in Shenzhen, it stands as a radiant gem in the city, captivating numerous high-end individuals with its exquisite rooftop bar design, impeccable service, and distinctive ambiance, making it their preferred destination to appreciate life and indulge in fashion.
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    這次合作,將高丰老師的藝術作品帶入了 X-Party 的天臺,為這個時尚場所增添了更多的藝術氣息。無論是精緻的繪畫作品,還是富有詩意的裝置藝術,都將在這片高空中展現其獨特的魅力。造訪 X-Party 的會員們不僅可以在這裡品味到最高級的美酒,欣賞到壯麗的城市美景,更可以近距離欣賞高丰老師的藝術作品,感受藝術與生活的奇妙交融。


    This collaboration brings Master Gao Feng's art pieces to the rooftop of X-Party, adding an extra layer of artistic flair to this fashionable venue. Whether it's intricate paintings or poetic installations, they will all showcase their unique charm in this lofty space. Members visiting X-Party can not only savor the finest wines and admire the magnificent city views but also have the opportunity to appreciate Master Gao Feng's artworks up close, experiencing the wonderful fusion of art and life.




    This rooftop art feast will become a highly anticipated cultural event in the city of Shenzhen. It's not just a collision of art and taste, but also a luxurious experience blending art with life.

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    它不僅是藝術與品味的融合,更是對時尚與生活美學的極致追求。讓我們一起走進這片高空的藝術殿堂,感受高丰老師與 X-Party 帶來的時尚與藝術的魅力,共同見證這個城市的藝術新潮流。


    It's not just a fusion of art and taste, but also the ultimate pursuit of fashion and lifestyle aesthetics. Let's step into this high-altitude art sanctuary together, feel the allure of fashion and art brought by Master Gao Feng and X-Party, and witness the new art trend of this city.

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    This collaboration with X-Party has brought his artworks to the rooftop of this upscale bar, adding a unique cultural landscape to this sky. From abstract paintings to poetic installations, Master Gao Feng's works exhibit unparalleled charm in the high altitude, attracting art enthusiasts and connoisseurs from around the world to come and appreciate.

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    Let's step into the rooftop of X-Party together, feel the beauty of art in the sky, savor the essence of fashion and culture, and witness the luxurious blend of art and life.